Gender issue – theme of the forum GS1 in Croatia. On June 14-17th the chairwoman of National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar Codes A.Malikgulyyeva has taken part in a forum for the first time organized by International Organization GS1 with a view of enhancement of leadership skills of women.

On May 15-18th in London the General Assembly of International Association GS1 AISBL has taken place. Representatives of all main departments of GS1 Global Office, National Organizations GS1, and the invited Organizations have taken part in a forum.

In May, National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar Codes has marked two years of membership in International structure on creation and introduction of unified standards «GS1 AISBL».

National technical committee for standardization TK TM 08 «Automatic identification and data capturing» for the first time as the full member has taken part in the regular session of the Interstate Technical Committee for standardization MTK 517 «Automatic identification and data capture techniques» taken place on October 12th, 2016 in Moscow.