Work outcomes are summed up, long-term plans of TK TM 08 are specified

7/17/2017 3:46:52 PM

On 17th of July the regular meeting of members of technical committees for standardization of Turkmenistan was held in «Turkmenstandartlary» Main State Service. On the meeting’s agenda, discussion of work outcomes of these structures in the second quarter of current year on Plan for standardization has been considered for 2017.

In the report, the chairwoman of National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar codes, the chairwoman of technical committee for standardization TK TM 08 «Automatic identification and data capturing» A. Malikgulyyeva has informed on activity of structures headed by her during the accounting period, the solution of the specific targets planned on working out of state standards and introduction in them of international norms, as well as the offer on working out of interstate standard IEC 15421:2010(E) with its two reference standards ISO 5-3:2009 and ISO 18911:2010 by «GS1 Turkmenistan» in the field of automatic identification and data capturing techniques.

This work is planned within the framework of membership of Turkmenistan with the Interstate Technical Committee for standardization MTK 517 «Технологии автоматической идентификации и сбора данных», in which the standards mentioned above are brought to the Program for 2018.