GS1 in Europe Regional Forum has taken place in Prague

11/14/2017 4:03:10 PM

From October 30th till November 2nd in the congress – hall of hotel "Corinthia" in Prague regular Regional forum of GS1 in Europe has taken place. This event in the capital of Czech Republic has collected over 200 participants. Along with the heads of National Organizations, the chairwoman of GS1 Turkmenistan Aykamar Malikgulyyeva has participated.

By the developed tradition during the Forum, the Council of the heads of National Organizations GS1 and working groups on various projects has taken place, and then the plenary sessions have been carried out.

According to the strategic plan for development of Association confirmed by GS1 General Assembly for the period till 2020, participants of the Forum have devoted a considerable part of time to the discussion of new tasks which rapid development of technologies and changing models of consumers behavior put before GS1 Europe.

Within the framework of plenary session, the report of the President and CEO of GS1 Miguel Lopera on a course of realization of the basic projects of GS1 Global Office in the region and the further plans in this direction has been heard and discussed.

Also, the participants of the Forum have heard the report of the independent marketing company, containing the analysis and an estimation of the activity of National Organizations of GS1 in Europe.

Representatives of the National Organizations of the region have informed on the basic directions of their work, the significant questions connected with the development of GS1 standards in the concrete countries and enhancement of mechanisms of cooperation within the framework of International association GS1 at regional and global level.

The project "Cloud", which is about the transition of database from GEPIR to the Cloud platform, discussions on advantages and disadvantages of this system has taken place.

A number of organizational issues, related with personnel shifts in the board of GS1 in Europe is considered.

Within the framework of Forum activity, a number of training seminars on application of GS1 standards and strategy of advancement of GS1 System in various industries has taken place.