GS1 in Europe Board Meeting

12/20/2017 4:07:04 PM

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the European branch of the GS1 was held on 12-13 December in Cologne (Germany). The meeting of European regional board of directors GS1 in whose activity has taken part A.Malikgulyyeva the head of the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar Codes, GS1 Turkmenistan has taken place.

The meeting agenda has included the questions, concerning enhancement of mechanisms of cooperation within the framework of an international association of GS1 at regional and global levels.

During the first day of Board of directors GS1 in Europe reports of IT-expert of GS1 Germany Thomas Fell and, Managing Director of GS1 Germany Jörg Pretzel on work conducted by the organization, in particular, the outcomes on the management congress which has taken place in Frankfurt have been heard. Speakers also have acquainted participants with the latest news of GS1 Germany. On the same day CEO of GS1 UK, Gary Lynch held a presentation on the global and local management.

On December 13, the meeting participants discussed the report of the Research Manager of GS1 Italy Samantha Correale under the slogan «Europe Insights», which included data from the GS1 survey in Europe on the issues of opportunities and membership in the organization.

During the session of Board of director reports of heads of national Organizations, GS1 on the performed work in 2017 and long-term plans for 2018 have been heard.