Representatives of private business have taken part in specialised vacancy fair

8/30/2018 4:16:51 PM

On August 30th in Turkmen capital specialised vacancy fair focused on people with disabilities has taken place. As the organizer of socially significant event has acted the Representative office of the United Nations Development Programme in Turkmenistan (UNDP).

To participate in vacancy fair as partners, directors and representatives of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of Turkmenistan have been invited. Permanent UN Coordinator, Permanent UNDP Representative in Turkmenistan Elena Panova has made a speech before the audience among which there were also representatives of the Women’s Union, National society of the Red Crescent, Society of the Blind and Deaf, mass-media and invalids looking for a job.

The complimentary address emphasized the importance of the large-scale work carried out in our country in addressing the issues of achieving the SDGs, as well as in implementing the National Action Plan for the creation of conditions and opportunities for the implementation of the rights in the employment of people with disabilities for 2017-2020.

Speaking to the audience, member of the Council of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chairwoman of the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar –°odes, Aykamar Malikgulyyeva informed about the Union’s work on implementing the SDGs, stressing the role of national entrepreneurs in creating new jobs and solving employment issues of the population, as well as charitable activities of members of the UIET. As noted, the development of the non-state sector of the economy, the increasingly active participation of entrepreneurs in the public life of the country offer great opportunities to address the problem of employment of people with disabilities.

Restriction in working capacity should not be an obstacle for finding an interesting job, said A.Malikgulyyeva, assuring the audience that all applications and document profiles submitted today will be considered and taken into account when looking for suitable vacancies at private enterprises.

During the fair, people with disabilities had the opportunity to meet with potential employers, learn about the situation in the labour market and popular professions, social support measures and employment programs that promote employment for citizens with work restrictions due to their health condition, enterprises and organizations focused on their employment.

At the end of the vacancy fair, work outcomes was summed up.