The tenth meeting of the Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization МТК 517 was held

10/11/2018 4:30:54 PM

On October 11, 2018, the anniversary (tenth) meeting of the Interstate Technical Committee for Standardization МТК 517 «Технологии автоматической идентификации и сбора данных» was held in Moscow. The event was held at the office of the Association for Automatic Identification «ЮНИСКАН/ ГС1 РУС», which is entrusted with the conduction of the МТК 517 secretariat.

The meeting was attended by representatives of national bodies for standardization of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Russian Federation. As an observer was the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the online mode, the meeting was attended by Aykamar Malikgulyyeva, the Chairwoman of the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar Codes, «GS1 Turkmenistan», and the Chairwoman of the technical committee for standardization TK TM 08 «Automatic identification and data capturing».

The complimentary speech to the audience was addressed by the Chairman of the МТК 517, General Director of ГС1 РУС G.K. Nasonov. After the presentation of the participants of the meeting, the information of the Deputy Chairman of the МТК 517 A.Ye. Leandrov on the composition of this structure for today was considered.

Afterwards, the responsible secretary of the МТК 517 S.А. Andreyuk made a report on the status of work on international and interstate standardization in the field of automatic identification and data capturing techniques and the work programme of the МТК 517 for 2018 and subsequent years. The speaker analysed trends in the development of technologies, highlighted international standards that can be used as a basis for the preparation of relevant interstate documents. The interrelation of the МТК 517 standards with documents of other МТК’s in related fields of activity was noted.

During the meeting, presentations were made by representatives of national bodies for standardization. A.M. Malikgulyyeva informed about the work carried out in Turkmenistan in the field of standardization and trends in the development of national standardization in the field of AIDC.

The meeting participants were also acquainted with the implementation of the project of interstate standard «Информационные технологии. Технологии автоматической идентификации и сбора данных (АИСД). Гармонизированный словарь» based on ISO/IEC 19762:2016. In this context, the issues of changing the form of harmonization of the draft ГОСТ with respect to the international standard ISO/IEC with identical modification and justification for the reasons for change were raised.

During the working meeting, information was given about the features of preparation of the draft of interstate standard «Информационные технологии. Технологии автоматической идентификации и сбора данных. Спецификация испытаний символов штрихового кода для оценки качества печати. Линейные символы» identical to ISO/IEC 15416:2016.

Participants of the meeting also considered a number of operational issues related to the operation of МТК 517 and the implementation of individual projects within its framework.

The resolution adopted at the meeting of МТК 517 confirmed the unity of the approaches of its members for understanding the goals and objectives of the  МТК, clarified a number of organizational issues of the TK activities, acknowledged the satisfactory work of the МТК 517 secretariat, confirmed the technical policy of applying ISO/IEC international standards (ISO/IEC) as the basis for the development of interstate standards, agreed upon common approaches to the use of the GS1 System during interstate standardization work and in regional projects, conduction of the next meeting of the МТК 517 was determined.