GS1 Turkmenistan is a member of the Regional Forum GS1 in Europe

10/29/2018 4:33:28 PM

On October 22 - 25, the regular GS1 in Europe Regional Forum took place in Ljubljana. The event in the capital of the Republic of Slovenia gathered over 300 delegates. Along with the heads of national organizations, the chairwoman of GS1 Turkmenistan, Aykamar Malikgulyyeva took part in it.

The Program of the Regional Forum included trainings and seminars on the implementation of GS1 standards in the areas of health, transport and logistics, technical industry, traceability, combating illegal trade, GS1 Cloud, marketing the GS1 in Europe community and etc.

During the plenary sessions, the work of GS1 Europe, as well as prospects for national GS1 organizations, innovations and future trends was presented.

In accordance with the Association’s strategic development plan for 2020, approved by the General Assembly GS1, Forum participants devoted a significant amount of time for discussing the new challenges that GS1 in Europe is facing for the rapid development of technologies and changing consumer behavior patterns.

Representatives of national organizations in the region informed about the main directions of their activity, topical issues related to the promotion of GS1 standards in particular countries.