"GS1 Turkmenistan" - five years in the international standardization system

5/1/2020 10:38:40 PM

On May 20 the Annual General meeting of the National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar Codes “GS1 Turkmenistan” was held in the conference hall of the Business Center of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, dedicated to the fifth anniversary of its membership in the International Structure for the Creation and Implementation of Unified GS1 Standards.

Participants listened with great attention and enthusiasm to the GS1 President's welcome message. Congratulating members of the “GS1 Turkmenistan” with the fifth anniversary of the organization’s formation, Mr. Miguel Lopera emphasized the importance of its activities in bringing Turkmen producers to the world market.

As noted by GS1 Turkmenistan, paying great attention to the implementation of international best practices in the system of automatic identification of goods and services, it stimulates its members - representatives of state structures and private companies in terms of innovative development, contributes to maintaining the stability of the national economy and its export orientation.

The chairwoman of the  “GS1 Turkmenistan” Aykamar Myalikgulyeva and audit commission made speech on the development of the organization. The reports were positively evaluated by the members of the organization.

Delegates unanimously approved the regulation governing the activities of the control and audit commission, and also considered other organizational issues.