Turkmenistan takes active part in standardization of automatic identification techniques in the territory of CIS

12/10/2016 3:39:26 PM

The report on «Progress of the works on standardization in the field of automatic identification and data capture techniques among member countries of the Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification» by the executive secretary of МТК 517 has been heard.

The great attention has been paid to the discussion of standards in the field of radio-frequency identification. Following the results of the session, the Resolution and Program of works for 2017 and the following years in realization of which Turkmenistan on behalf of technical committee TK TM 08 will take active part have been adopted.

Representatives of the CIS countries – Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan have taken part in the session work. From Turkmenistan took part the chairwoman of National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar Сodes, the Chairwoman of TK TM 08 «Automatic identification and data capturing» Aykamar Malikgulyyeva.

International standards, especially in highly technological spheres, serve as single language of dialogue between trading partners, customers, contractors, verification laboratories and consumers. Use of standards also promotes increase of confidence in quality, accuracy and safety of manufactured products, thus raising competitiveness of the countries and the enterprises using general standards.

In the Epoch of Might and Happiness active participation of Turkmenistan in international activity on standardization, promotes increase of an export potential of domestic enterprises and protection of consumer interests.