5/17/2017 3:44:23 PM

Gender issue – theme of the forum GS1 in Croatia

On June 14-17th the chairwoman of National Organization of Turkmenistan for Bar Codes A.Malikgulyyeva has taken part in a forum for the first time organized by International Organization GS1 with a view of enhancement of leadership skills of women.

Trainings and the seminars devoted to this theme held in Dubrovnik (Republic of Croatia), on the basis of National Organization GS1 and have united women – heads from thirteen countries.

Participants of a meeting have heard reviews of the session of board of directors of GS1 and activity of some members of GS1, become familiarized with changes in work of this international Organization and new projects.

Within the framework of a forum, the women – heads have received the valuable information and have taken trainings on enhancement of leadership skills, the organization of discipleship and the work between different generations in office, and also cooperation with women's organizations.