Required Documents for Membership

  • Application for membership in GS1 Turkmenistan (Form 1)
  • Questionnaire (Form 2)
  • List of products subject to barcoding (Form 3)

Subscription fee:

GTINs New member Membership renewal
9 1400 манат 1400 манат

For the Disabled, Farmer Associations and State-Subsidized Enterprises, the entry fee for membership and the annual fee is 200 (two hundred) manats.

Your GS1 company prefix and Global Location Number will be created upon receipt of your completed application form and payment of appropriate fees. The GS1 company prefix allocated to your company is exclusively for your use - you must not assign, license or allow its use by any other company.

Please note that your membership may be terminated if your account is not paid annually or if you do not abide by GS1 Turkmenistan specifications and guidelines. You must advise GS1 by completing the appropriate termination form if you wish to cancel your membership.